We as LinkThings created COLDCHA a futureproof Cold Chain Service to facilitate your cold chain needs seamless.

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Focusing on the possibilities of the newest technologies

Coldcha is a product from LinkThings, a young and agile company. LinkThings is focusing on the possibilities of the newest technologies combined with their expertise of Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. Due to the knowledge and networks the shareholders are bringing in, we believe LinkThings is the partner for you to explore the IoT and data opportunities of your business.

COLDCHA Brexit service

Can’t you value the consequences of the BREXIT for your business? Are you a forwarder, exporter and do you ship fresh produce or other freight that is vulnerable for long waiting and transport? COTCHA is the solution for you to investigate the direct impact of the BREXIT in your cold chain or logistic chain.

  • Reference measurements real time trackers and temperature trackers
  • Building datapoints for use after Brexit, generating reports for all trips monitored
  • “After Brexit” real time location and temperature measurements for analyzing the effects of the BREXIT
  • Evaluation of the chains and valuing the impact on your business
  • Dashboards with aggregated reports and insights based on your data
  • Customer portal for real time tracking of freight to be more predictive to end customers in the UK

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Automated real time Cold Chain service

  • Automated real time Cold Chain service
  • One step activation real time trackers
  • Hardware independent, major tracker suppliers compatible with major real time tracker manufacturers
  • Automated tracker stock management
  • Automated reports, alert notifications
  • Automated aggregated reports regarding the cold chain:
    logistic partner performance, Airport handling performance, Airline handling performance, logistics customer performance

Claim Portal for automated claim process handling

With integrated tracker, weather and flight data:

  • Claim Portal access for your company and all your customers
  • Streamlined internal and external claim process with all your stakeholders
  • Aggregated Customer Claim insights on operational and management level

Fresh Produce simulations

With integrated tracker, weather and flight data:

  • Real time trip simulations for flowers and fresh produce
  • Tailormade trip, supplier and product optimization based on data
  • Time lapse movies real time trip simulations

A Linkthings Product

LinkThings provides the complete solution to transform your devices into connected objects. Send sensor data to the cloud. Analyze and visualize your data. Trigger a (re)action. The LinkThings Cloud platform provides the complete software solution for device vendors and businesses for the implementation of smart Internet of Things M2M applications. This makes company processes more agile and brings cost-efficiency within reach.



Send sensor data to the cloud.



Analyze and visualize your data.



Trigger a reaction.